A platformer game made for the WGJ #105 'Cheat To Win'.

Controls :  

Right/Left Arrow - Movement

Space - Jump

B - Open/Close Cheat Book

Credits -  Huge thanks to this awesome people who sharing their beautiful art under CC0 License

Adventurer by rvros -
Dungeon Pack by bakudas -
Dungeon Ambiance by yd -
Wise Man by Thalmus -
Norse Font by Joel Carrouche -

GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity


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I like the idea! I find that some of the keys aren't super responsive. Not sure if that's just me though. (The first cheat only works erratically for me)

Overall I like it though, nice job!

Thank you so much for feedback!

Yes, as you said i noticed some input not working on the first press. I don't know why but I'll check out the code after jam is over.

This is a neat idea. I wish that the book came up faster, and that the game was a little less linear.


Thank you for feedback!

I'll polish after the jam is over.